Join the Cyberwolves Folding@Home Team!

Here's how ... it's easy.

1. Go to the Folding@Home web site and download the client. Most of us use the console version of the client since it is the least intrusive to the daily use of the computer and runs with the least problems. If you are into pretty pictures you can download the graphical version.

2. Visit the user stats page and search for a username you want to use. If the name you
want is taken already then results will show up. If none do, chances are that name is yours. (There is also a search box on the client download page but it was not working as of this writing.)

Picking an existing name would be bad because you would give credit for your work to someone else.

3. Create a folder on your computer you want to run the program in and download the client to that folder. Execute it from there and get ready to answer a few questions.

4. The first two questions are the most important.

The first asks for your username. (Which you checked for above.)

The second question is for the team number.
Enter: 35870

For the rest of the questions you can just keep clicking the enter key and setting it to the defaults.

Once all the questions are answered the client will begin to run. It will download your first work unit and begin to do it's calculations. You will not see any results for your username or show up for our team until the first work unit is completed and returned.

You will probably want to create a shortcut to the program and even add it to Startup in your Start > Programs > Startup menu so it starts automatically when Windows starts. (Assuming you are using some version of Windows.)

Of course there are many tips and third party downloads to make the client run faster and to monitor your progress. You can find out about all of this by visiting the various folding forums listed on our links page.

If you join us use our contact page to let us know.

Good Luck and we look forward to your help!

Requirements for Folding@Home

These requirements are what it takes to run Folding@Home with the best success.

1. An "Always On" internet connection such as DSL or Cable.

2. An "Always On" computer. (This does not mean the monitor needs to be on.)

3. A fairly fast computer. No less than a 500mhz processor with 1ghz and higher much better. Most work units have a time limit for completion and a slow or seldom connected computer would not make the deadline to be useful.