December 2007

In December 2007 Graywolfie and Margus added new Quad Core Machines to the Cyberwolves Pack. These new machines along with the Beta SMP Folding Client and bonus points have created a huge boost to the team production rate. The net effect has been an increase of more than 20 times the points in any given time frame.

The team rank has jumped nearly 100 positions in just 4 short weeks! 1 Million points for the team is just days away!

Thursday 10.14.04 7:40PM EST

If you are seeing this post the web site is now hosted on a faster more reliable server. It has quite a few more features that we may use on the web site in the coming weeks and months.

The team overall rank has been around 680 to 690 during the last month or so. Hopefully this will improve too!

Thursday 07.22.04 8:25AM EST

The 1,000 WU count for the Cyberwolves was reached today with the team cracking 800th place out of 32,059 total teams. 700th place looks to be just about a month away.

Due to numerous local power interruptions last evening and overnight, Graywolfie and Stapes lost about 12 hours of crunch time.

With the help of a temporary machine, Cyberture has recently moved into 1st place in the team rankings ahead of Graywolfie by nearly 800 points. Cheech keeps moving up steadily as well as Riverboat. It looks as though Stapes will soon pass Margus who will then be in last place on the team. Margus has been MIA for the last few weeks.

Thursday 05.20.04 9:00AM EST

The 20,000 point plateau was reached today with the team in 1,366th place out of 30,947 overall.

Cheech is in the process of assembling a new machine with an Athlon Opteron 64 processor. Running at 2.2ghz it should add quite a bit to his and the teams production. It will also help make up for 2 machines that Graywolfie had to remove from the project, an AMD XP 2600+ and a PIII 500.

Sunday 04.23.04 7:20AM EST

The team broke the 2000th place barrier overnight which now makes us listed in the top 2000 of Extreme Overclocking's Stats Pages. The next goal is to crack 1000 to get on the Statsman's Page.

We moved from 3000 to 2000 in just 20 days. Getting to 1000 will take a bit longer.

Sunday 04.04.04 5:40PM EST

The web site is now located at the proper domain, cyberwolves.us. All of the files are moved to the new server location.

The contact form is now complete and active as well as the Join page of the web site.

Saturday 04.03.04 10:30 PM EST

We made various updates to the web site today and are still waiting for our new domain name to be active and move the site from our test area of the server.

A new member, Stapes (formerly Senshi on the T_Bird_Team) joined the Cyberwolves and we should see results soon. He has an AMD XP 2500+ Barton box.

We are testing a stats page addition for Graywolfie's boxes. Using an auto FTP program and modifying the results of the client monitoring program, FAH LogStats, the status of the boxes can be viewed online updated in 15 minute intervals.

Friday 04.02.04 9:54PM EST

What's New? Several things are new today. We registered our new domain name cyberwolves.us. We also made a spot on the web server to put the site. Once everything is set, people should actually be able to come and visit us.

Team Milestones

8,000,000 Points!

6,000,000 Points!

Broke 500th Place
in the team standings.

5,000,000 Points!

4,000,000 Points!

3,000,000 Points!

2,500,000 Points!

Broke 600th Place
in the team standings.

2,000,000 Points!

Broke 700th Place
in the team standings.

1,500,000 Points!

5000 Total Team WU

Broke 800th Place
in the team standings.
(Once Again)

1,000,000 Points!

1000 Total Team WU

Broke 800th Place
in the team standings.

20000 Points

10000 Points

Broke 2000th Place
in the team standings.

9000 Points

8000 Points

7000 Points

6000 Points

5000 Points

Broke 3000th Place
in the team standings.