The legacy continues...

On March 12 2001, Margus founded the T_Bird_Team for the Genome @ Home distributed computing project. The team grew to a core group of 7 consistantly active members for the next 3 years. The team returned a total of 10,815 work units placing them in 57th place overall.

In March 2004 the Pande Group announced that Genome @ Home had run it's course and the project was ended. The T_Bird_Team's member, Riverboat, returned the final work unit for the team on March 25, 2004 and the T_Bird_Team was frozen in time.

Ending the efforts of the team so abrubtly left a feeling of emptiness amongst the team members and from this void it was decided to create a new team for the parent project Folding @ Home. The project is well established with many high producing teams but we felt it is still worth the effort.

At the end of March 2004 a new Folding @ Home team was created from the ashes of the old. By combining the names of the two top producing members Graywolfie and Cyberture, the team Cyberwolves was formed. Former team members Margus, Riverboat and Cheech returned to join the new team.

In just over the first two weeks the Cyberwolves moved from over 9000th place in the team rankings to 3000. The initial goal of the team is to get into the top 1000 within the first four to six months. After that, well, we shall see.

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